The Word Association works directly with our clients to create marketing strategies that offer concrete, step-by-step guides to achieving specific goals. Employing a range of in-house skills and utilizing a network of leading consultants to develop effective plans that build brands, the Word Association provides a single point of contact, and clear course of action.

We help our clients maximise their marketing investment by:

  • providing strategic planning;
  • maximising timeline optimisation; and
  • researching market and competitors.

Our project management skills mean our client’s promotional plans are delivered on time and within budget. We work alongside marketing departments and committees to ensure customer-facing content is presented in a consistent and eye-catching way. We also devise marketing content and brand support through a range of well-seasoned, core strategies such as:

  • writing and distributing targeted press releases;
  • offering professional photography services;
  • developing, writing and managing websites;
  • developing and writing (e)brochures;
  • creating exhibition stands;
  • producing video presentations; and
  • developing case studies.

We do this so our clients can focus on what matters most to them; the daily operation of their business.