Blog: Lockdown social media


The gravity of our current situation can’t be underestimated. The daily statistics seem unfathomable causing uncertainty and distress around the country. The overriding mantra of “Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives” has been powerful and persuasive – for most.

Everyone must play their part no matter how tedious or, in the case of NHS staff, perilous that must be. These untested waters are unsettling and our response to them will define not only our generation, but also those that follow.

However, as we resolve ourselves to this uneasy way of life, some are thinking beyond hand sanitisers and face masks. The entrepreneurial spirit is hard to quash and some businesses are wrestling with how to engage with their customers while maintaining a respectful distance.

As discussed in our previous blog – – timing is everything. But while preparation is vital, it is also important to be aware of what tools are out there and how to use them.

These days, there is no stronger communication tool than social media – when properly managed. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin provide a plethora of resources and channels to distribute your message. But be under no illusion, social media requires planning and resources, but most of all it requires content. So here are a couple of ideas to consider while running your social media during the lockdown:

  • The time will come for stronger sales-orientated messaging, but that time isn’t now. Be supportive and understanding of the concerns and frustrations of your audience. Be a positive and compassionate force on social media rather than an over-eager salesman.
  • Don’t put content out just for the sake of it. Be consistent and active, but try to maintain your online integrity by keeping your standards as high as possible. For instance, there is little point in posting an image that is anything less than captivating just because someone snapped it on their phone this morning. Assess and, if need be, reject.
  • Some argue concentrating your efforts on one or two social media channels is better than being poor on all of them, which is true. But there are benefits associated with maintaining a presence on the main outlets if simply because your audience isn’t likely to congregate in one place. However, if managing a single social media account requires time and commitment, maintaining four will require considerably more.
  • Remember that social media is a powerful way to engage with your customers and form a community. It should also have purpose, and often that is to encourage people to check out your website or video or news coverage. So include appropriate links when appropriate!

This blog series looks at different ways of communicating with your clients and how PR can be used to raise awareness of your brand. We are also going to be launching an exciting, new interview-based blog that will pick the minds of some of the leading voices in golf, tourism, food and drink, travel and journalism. So stayed tuned!

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